PLATFORM is excited to announce the results of the 2020 PLATFORM Photography Award. This year we are thrilled to be able to award three full prizes. The winners of the 2020 PLATFORM Photography Award are Jean BorbridgeChristina Hajjar and Iyunade Judah.

PLATFORM is excited to be supporting the creation of new work from these emerging artists. While these three practices are unique in approach and style, each artist explores the notion of identity in varied and considered ways. Each award includes $2000, a full year of darkroom access and a one-year membership to PLATFORM. This new work will debut January 2021 in a three individual solo exhibitions.


Jean Borbridge is a multimedia artist based out of Treaty 1, otherwise known as Winnipeg, Manitoba. In 2018, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours through the University of Manitoba. With a focus on painting, photography and performance, she works to understand representation of the self and others and the fallibility of such endeavors. She has exhibited and curated shows in a variety of artist run centres in Winnipeg, as well as having exhibited at Art Mur in Montreal, at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the national historic site of The Forks. She is currently the st.ART Coordinator at Graffiti Art Programming; a program which provides free visual art, music, and dance workshops throughout Winnipeg’s Downtown and North End communities.

Christina Hajjar is a queer femme first-generation Lebanese-Canadian artist, writer, and organizer. She is passionate about collaboration and cultural production as tools of community-building and resistance. Her multidisciplinary practice utilizes photography, performance, poetry, zines, food, and curation in order to grapple with diaspora, memory, and intergenerational inheritance. Hajjar is a co-founder of Carnation, publishing artwork and writing on displacement and diaspora. She is a 2020-2021 recipient of the Foundation Mentorship Program at Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art. Her food culture column “Feeding Diaspora” is published at The Uniter. Learn more at Photo credit: Crystal Le

Iyunade Judah is an artist-photographer based in Winnipeg Canada, originally from Ogun, Nigeria. His work focuses on the black experience from an African’s point of view in the diaspora. He has worked on a number of photo projects and short films on black masculinity, gender and afrocentrism. Judah’s work primarily focuses on identity and a need for consciousness in African art. “My work is inspired by my curiosity to discover African history and art. I found out that there’s almost no identity for me and a lot of people like. I make use of imaginary narratives such as reincarnation in my practice to convey a message which might be on sexuality, history, identity or love. I infuse fabric as a backdrop to appreciate African prints and patterns which has become a personal style.”


2019 Rhayne Vermette, True Stories

2018 Mariana Muñoz Gomez, Recorrer, to wander

2017 Hannah Doucet, I wondered when my body would deflate.