Notes on Self Invention


PLATFORM centre is pleased to announce the solo exhibition Notes on Self Invention featuring new work by Glodi Bahati (MB), our 2022 PLATFORM Photography Award Winner. 

EXHIBITION | 3 March – 1 April 2023

OPENING RECEPTION | 3 March from 6PM until 9PM   

Where does memory fit? Where does it collide, converge, grow legs and make a life of its own. How do our individual perspectives shape shared memories, shared feelings, shared sensations. My memory is blurred by smells of ripe mangoes, baskets of avocados and a persistent sense of alienation. My mothers memories are blurred by the sounds of gunshots two homes down, with a handful of screaming children. My sister’s memories are blurred by an adolescence shortened by the weight of how long a decade is. 

Notes on Self Invention, explores the ways memory gives birth to our self mythos and the complicated nature of shared memory. It investigates the unreliability of our memories and aims to honestly look at family history and trauma through shared memory. It is also a celebration in the transformative and redemptive act of reinvention, which births a new self mythos. 


Glodi Bahati is a Congolese-born photographer and raised in Uganda as a refugee. Bahati currently practices art and resides on Treaty 1 Territory also known as Winnipeg, Manitoba. For Bahati photography has been a tool for self-reflection, meditating on how her intersecting identities have shaped her experiences. Her work has been showcased around Winnipeg, at Takehome BIPOC Arts House and Wall-To-Wall Mural Festival.