Alyssa Bornn Soft Ceiling

Soft Ceiling (6) Alyssa BornnSoft Ceiling (5) - Alyssa BornnSoft Ceiling (4) - Alyssa BornnSoft Ceiling (3) - Alyssa BornnSoft Ceiling (2) - Alyssa Bornn

PLATFORM centre is pleased to announce the exhibition Soft Ceiling featuring new work by Alyssa Bornn (MB), one of our 2021 PLATFORM Photography Award Winners. 

EXHIBITION | 11 March – 26 March 2022

OPENING RECEPTION | 11 March at 7PM   

Soft Ceiling looks at images not as definite moments but as malleable surfaces to bend and press into. Fragments congeal before the mass is pulled apart and forms reconfigure. A room unfurling from a fold of scrap fabric, a single surface creeping past a boundary. A plush plaque. Reciting a word until it sheds its sense. 

While making these works I have been thinking about the expansive possibilities of image making. To construct spaces on a screen is to build without the constraints of the physical world. A texture detaches from its host. A dream imaged, holding still long enough to examine the seams – slipping under such scrutiny. Photogrammetry gives three-dimensional form back to objects flattened by the act of photographing. Captured on screen they are once again affixed to a plane. Resulting images offer source material to pull back into the tactile world, an image becomes a pattern from which to shape an object. The desktop is a permeable membrane.  

Masks and proof of vaccination are mandatory, please ensure social distance is maintained and stay home if you are feeling sick. PLATFORM is an accessible venue. For the duration of the exhibition, PLATFORM will be open by appointment during gallery hours. Please email admin@platformgallery.org to schedule your viewing. 24 hour notice is appreciated.


Alyssa Bornn lives and works in Winnipeg, MB. Her work is primarily centered around ideas relating to transference, interchangeability, language, failure, and the poetics of technical processes. She makes images and objects informed by an interest in early computing, textile production, play, and in the pursuit of visual joy.

She holds a BFA (Hons.) from the University of Manitoba. In 2019 she was awarded the Emerging Digital Artist Award presented by EQ Bank and Trinity Square Video. Her work has recently been exhibited at Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina (2020), Plug In ICA, Winnipeg (2019), Trinity Square Video, Toronto (2019). Current research and projects are supported by the Manitoba Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts.