KC Adams, Richard Dyck and Erika Lincoln Prairiescape

Prairiescape is an online exhibition on view for the duration of a year.

The three pieces making up Prairiescape are marked by the commonality of mapping. Ranging from literal to conceptual, the work of each of the artists, KC Adams, Richard Dyck and Erika Lincoln, uses mapping to explore the prairie landscape and its relationships with technology. These artists explore different notions of the prairie landscape, each of them navigating their own way in order to create maps of understanding. Flight Series by KC Adams offers the prairie from a bird’s-eye view. Exploring themes of evolution and urbanism, Adams creates a virtual archive of her surrounding landscapes. Erika Lincoln’s Liquid Prairie leads the viewer through a journey along a prairie fl oodway. Using an experimental narrative, Lincoln creates a conceptual map, allowing the landscape to inform and act as backdrop on a personalized journey. In Richard Dyck’s Boxes, nostalgic memories of the prairies are transformed into interactive explorations of digitized landscapes. – Collin Zipp, Project Coordinator

A  prairiescape publication with essays by Richard Holden, Steve Loft and Robert Epp will be launched on May 31.