Online Screening PLAY

PLATFORM centre is excited to present an online screening titled PLAY. Running from 03 September – 1 October 2021, this screening loosely explores ideas of play from 15 emerging and established artists across Canada working with film + video. From playgrounds, to riverbeds, racetracks and backyards; these works are meditations on memories of playfulness and celebrate experimental approaches to making moving image work.

Effulgence – Alex MacKenzie

tulips are my father’s favorite flower – Nisha Platzer

Threshold – Freya Björg Olafson

Residuum – Maria Simmons

The Pearl – Natalie Podaima

trying to pick up a rock with my toes – Alison Postma

Prepare to Qualify – Clint Enns

summer femme winter butch – Lisa g

Patang Baaz – Hassaan Ashraf

In The Backyarden – Lindsay McIntyre

Points of contact & Me  – Lauren Prousky

Hoop Dancers – David Garneau

No Backsies – Sarah Bulloch

Screen Test 2 (Meg) – Scott Fitzpatrick

suppose a beam of light  – Reed Réaume Rodzinyak and Jeffery Ellom