School of Art Student Show a cloak, a mirror, a net

a cloak... poster

An exhibition by senior students from the School of Art, University of Manitoba

RECEPTION | Friday, March 29 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
EXHIBITION | March 27-30, 2019

a cloak, a mirror, a net
A set of nouns to describe a series of actions: a tying together, a catching, a parsing through, a transposing, a distancing, a slipping, a deciphering, a pausing.

a cloak, a mirror, a net brings together diverse practices that have utilized photographic approaches to various ends. The works within this show point to the process of image making, simultaneously as a gesture that reveals and deflects – as a way to both make and lose the sense of a thing. The selection of work spans media and intentions: soft sculpture, text, print, cloth, and paper all serve as sites for personal, societal, and spatial investigation. At times the photographic act is used as a tool, as a means to bridge a gap, permitting a closer look; a way of stepping both backwards and inwards. In other works, methods of documentation and registration are tested, the resulting images and objects fluctuating in their faithfulness, often slipping from the assumed into the uncertain.

Haley Bean
Shaneela Boodoo
Alyssa Bornn
Selena Dyck
Marie-France Hollier
Etovre Odhigbo
Sammi St. Clair
Mahri White
Emily Wolverton

Text: Alyssa Bornn
Poster: Shaneela Boodoo