Abbas Akhavan + Marina Roy, Paul Butler, Larry Glawson, Jeremy Shaw and Colleen Wolstenholme When The Mood Strikes Us…

When the Mood Strikes Us… is comprised of a small group of Canadian artists with international reputations who employ photo-based media as part of their artistic practice. This project explores the poetics of altered states as a means of escape, forgetfulness, indulgence and wonderment vis-à-vis artistic production. The term ‘altered’ may refer to a variety of narcotic-induced states brought about by alcohol, as well as street and/or prescription drugs. Other key aspects that come through in this exhibition are the unconscious as a means of creating work; meditations on the blackout, the slippage and the search; as well as understanding the artist as producers within a system of referents. Each work in this exhibition stems from a response to the larger history of art in contemporary society.  – J.J. Kegan McFadden

Reception:  Friday 12 September 7-10 pm

Panel Discussion: Saturday 13 September 2 pm

Curator’s Tour: Saturday 27 September 2 pm