When I told you to shoot the sky, I had something else in mind…

PLATFORM centre for photographic + digital arts is pleased to announce the exhibition “When I told you to shoot the sky, I had something else in mind…” curated by Natasha Peterson (ON). Upending our expectations of landscape photography, the presented work utilizes the materiality of the medium and its attendant technologies in new and porous ways. The exhibition will provoke discussion on the current state of photography by looking at the various practices of photo-based artists whose work questions our ontological understanding of the medium. Exhibiting artists include; Sarah Ciurysek (MB), Owen Kydd (USA), Nicolás Lamas (BE), Tyler Los-Jones (AB), and Dominique Rey (MB). While they draw on fragments of traditional photographic works by incorporating visible traces of the past, through the creation of sculptural, three-dimensional objects and assemblages these artists participate in the destabilized position of contemporary photography.

In Conversation | Natasha Peterson with artists Sarah Ciurysek & Dominique Rey | Saturday 22 November | 2PM

Image: Nicolás Lamas, Folded Spaces, 2013