University of Manitoba Thesis in Photography 2011, Graduating Exhibition

Join us in celebrating the accomplishment of these three emerging Winnipeg photographers who make make up the 2011 thesis photography class of the University of Manitoba’s Bachelor of Fine Arts Program. Ashley Gillanders, Jamie Starosilec, and Agnes Neufeld will be presenting work from their thesis year.

This annual thesis exhibition gives the greater Winnipeg community a chance to get a glimpse at the upcoming generation of lens-based artists in Winnipeg. Come and view the exhibition and meet the artists at the opening reception held Friday May 13, 7PM. Refreshments will be served.
Ashley Gillanders‘ most recent body of work attempts to recognize the emotional reign environmental design has over individuals, and its function as a reflection of personality. Her work uses photography to redefine space while exploring objects within a domestic environment.
Jamie Starosilec has focused on portraiture over the last few years. She is mainly interested in capturing people’s genuine, honest expressions.
Agnes Neufeld is interested in portraiture in photography because it provides a way for her to make observations about a subject as an individual or as in individual within a group. “Portraits are more compelling when we feel that we are seeing past the facial expression, pose, and dress to imagined zone of privacy (Alice Neel).” In the photographic process, vulnerability and intimacy often are a result for both the subject and photographer. Neufeld’s work is a synopsis of a greater body of work from: “Friends”, “Agricultural Producers”, “Women”, “Family” and the “Farm workers” series.