Adrian Fish Staged

Theatres are spaces that breed anxiety.  Perhaps it is the notion of being confined to a space with strangers, or the absurdity of participating in a communal event that has very little socialization beyond making us feel less alone.  Although entertaining on a sensory and psychological level the cinematic experience is completely illogical on a social one.  Adrian Fish draws upon these social anxieties in a remarkably obvious way – the empty theatre.  Photographed from a viewpoint similar to his previous series of squash courts and staging rooms, the nineteen images in Staged depict a number of architecturally impressive theatre designs spanning over ninety years.  Fish converts even the most modest of theatres into extraordinary spaces, capturing the magnificence of rooms often shrouded in darkness.  – excerpt from Where Did Everybody Go?, Kim Nguyen

Reception: Thursday 10 July 7-10 pm

Artist Talk: Saturday 12 July 2 pm

Performance Lecture with Jeanne Randolph: Friday 8 August 8 pm