Pinhole Artist Collective: be.still

PLATFORM centre for photographic + digital arts is pleased to present be.still, the latest exhibition by Winnipeg’s Pinhole Artist Collective (PAC). Continuing to balance the push/pull of the individual and the collective, the group has drawn images from their monthly forays over the past year. Determining destinations by consensus – Spirit Sands, the English Garden, the bridges of Winnipeg, Narcisse, and more (sometimes deliberate and premeditated; sometimes more whimsical and weather dependent) – upon arrival they create independent works, albeit linked by place, conversation, and time. And so it is that leisurely exposures, long discussions, and days of driving yield images grounded in the collective that celebrate the individual. In conjunction with this exhibition, PAC will launch a publication related to their recent exhibition of solargaphs.

Pinhole Artist CollectivePinhole Artist Collecitve

About the Collective
PAC is a collective of artists interested in exploring the artistic plurality of analogue and digital photography. Growing out of the spirit of Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day and the DIY artistic philosophy, they are hands-on, resourceful, playful, and open to constructive criticism. In regular gatherings, the collective engages in both critical discourse and artistic creation and is, from time to time, nomadic. PAC members participating in be.still are Sarah Crawley, William Eakin, lori fontaine, Beth Johnson, Jen Loewen, Merrell-Ann Phare, andBonnie Tulloch.

About the Publication

Collecting Light | Pinhole Artist Collective publication“Collecting Light” is a collaborative bookwork by members of PAC. In the winter of 2010, members of PAC built approximately one hundred pinhole cameras from 35mm black plastic film canisters. These cameras were then placed around the city and province to take photographs (called solargraphs) over weeks and months. These images were then the basis of a group show at Platform: centre for photographic + digital arts in August 2010. “Collecting Light” expands on this exhibition, incorporating solargraphs, individual visual responses to the project, and critical essays by Dianne Bos and J.J. Kegan McFadden.Contributing members: Marian Butler, Sandra Campbell, Sarah Crawley, William Eakin, lori fontaine, Jacquelyn Hébert, Beth Johnson, Jen Loewen, Natasha Peterson, Merrell-Ann Phare, Bonnie Tulloch
Dimensions 10 x 8 inches / 84 pages