CATHY BUSBY [Halifax, NS] / BRUCE LABRUCE [Toronto, ON / Berlin, GDR] / BRENDAN FERNANDES [Toronto, ON / New York City, NY] / SUZY LAKE [Toronto, ON] / ARTHUR RENWICK [Toronto, ON]

PLATFORM centre for photographic + digital arts is pleased to present the group exhibition, EVERY LINE & EVERY OTHER LINE, featuring a mixture of emerging and established artists whose work in photography and video are brought together to examine how various approaches to portraiture act as representations of colonization and subsequent revolution.

Bruce LaBruce, STITCHEDArthur Renwick, MONIQUEFernandes, Installation shotBusby, Installation shot
Bruce LaBruce, STITCHED

Bruce LaBruce, STITCHED

EVERY LINE & EVERY OTHER LINE calls into question the history or portraiture, but also makes evident the political implications of how the face, and the mouth in particular, acts as a contested site. Working in photographic installation, framed prints, and video installation, these artists exemplify a diverse approach to the medium, but also the subject matter: These portraits consider the face as a site of colonization, a document of control, and a space of power. Exhibited together, we can ask what the mouth produces in terms of truth, consequence, renewal, aging, beauty, lies. We hope to see you at the series of artists’ talks programmed in conjunction with this exhibition.

  • Exhibition 18 March – 07 May 2011
  • Artist Talk with Suzy Lake @ U of M School of Art [Art Barn, 2nd floor]Wednesday 16 March 7PM
  • Opening Reception @ PLATFORM [121-100 Arthur Street] Friday 18 March 7PM
  • Artist Talk with Cathy Busby @ Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art[611 Main Street] Thursday 24 March 7PM
  • Artist Talk with Brendan Fernandes @ PLATFORM Saturday 07 May 3PM