Zoë Jaremus, Terence Koh, Deirdre Logue, Elizabeth Milton, Ryan Park, Jon Sasaki, Rebekka Unrau CABIN FEVER

PLATFORM centre for photographic + digital arts is pleased to present the group exhibition, Cabin Fever, featuring a mixture of emerging and established artists whose work in photography and video examine boredom, malaise, as well as social and mental isolation. Curated by J.J. Kegan McFadden

Zoe Jaremus

The prairies offer a paradox of being isolated by its so-called land-locked geography and climate of extremes, yet its denizens are recognized for their creative productivity. What is it about being isolated that stirs creativity among us? The work presented here offers glimpses into the psyche of boredom, the attempts at ever possible (yet seemingly always-illusive), fulfillment. Is it possible to satiate such undulating hunger derived from being nowhere by creating your own somewhere? As the symptoms of Cabin Fever differ to extremes based on personality, can it be accurately diagnosed? How do you pinpoint ennui? The artists whose work is included in this exhibition offer suggestions, exit strategies, and further problems in creating their own antidotes to Cabin Fever — this unquantifiable ailment that we have all felt beleaguered by at some time or another. In our current climate of overly and overtly connected social networks, unprecedented instant access to information, and socially accepted [not to mention medically endorsed] dependency on mood elevators and other anxiety-squelching antidotes, it is important to consider alternatives in dealing with these issues of isolation … perhaps the key is absurdity after all

  • Exhibition 30 October – 11 December 2010
  • Opening Reception Saturday 30 October 7PM
  • Stir Crazy Panel Discussion Sunday 31 October 3PM