The artists in As the Sidewalk Bleeds offer individual ruminations on the topic of the creative misuse of digital technologies. Gathered here is a cross-section of Canadian artists using everything from computers to televisions and cell phones to websites and palm pilots to flatbed scanners in order to produce their art. These divergent artistic concerns overlap to produce a larger conversation regarding: poetry, love, geopolitics, globalization, and the incorporation of media in the everyday. –J.J. Kegan McFadden

OPENING RECEPTION + ARTIST TALKS :    7 PM Saturday 12 September

AFTER SCHOOL SPECIAL :  A look at pedagogical practices from then to now w/Kristina Lee Podesva 7 PM Sunday 13 September

STUDIO VISIT W/ SANDEE MOORE: 7 PM Thursday 24 September

CURATOR’S TOUR: 2 PM Saturday 3 October

A / LAKE / A / LANE / A / LINE / A / LONE: An evening of readings of bp Nichol’s poetry co-presented by PLATFORM + THIN AIR/Winnipeg International Writers Festival featuring:

Charlene Diehl, Christoff Engbrecht, Clarise Foster, Colin Smith, David Streit, Margaret Sweatman. 7:30 PM Saturday 17 October