Added Value

Through the act of painting, contemporary Canadian artists Stephanie Aitken, Stephen Andrews, Chris Dorosz, and Janet Werner meditate and comment on the photograph, studying its formal qualities, inherent expectations and pervasive presence in our culture. For these artists the photograph is a visual artifact in need of analysis; it provides artistic fodder, spurring questions about the way a specific photograph operates in order to evoke a particular response in a targeted audience. Curated by Lisa Wood.

Installation shot, AitkenRedhead, Werner



06 November – 19 December, 2009

First Friday @ MAWA with Janet Werner, co-presented by PLATFORM

Friday 06 November | 12PM [611 Main Street]


Friday 06 November | 7PM

Influenced by the Lens: Panel Discussion with Stephanie Aitken, Chris Dorosz, and Janet Werner. Moderated by Lisa Wood Saturday 07 November | 3PM

Curator’s Tour [sponsored by the School of Art, University of Manitoba] Wednesday 02 December | 7PM