ZIMOUN 150 prepared dc-motors, filler wire 1.0mm sound installation

“Zimoun breaks the distance we think exists between structure and chaos. Ordered, structured, and temporal-minded work enables the organic creation of noise by pared-down elements that evoke a Minimalist ethos. Though you stop to listen, you hear what you might have missed.
Planned and ordered mechanisms enable minimal materials to make the noise they happen to make. This causes us to think about what structure means for creative production. Does creative freedom benefit from planned organization?” – Kowtow blog

Installation, Zimoun

Zimoun, born 1977, is an installation and sound artist from Switzerland. Exploring mechanical rhythm and flow in prepared systems, the sculptures and sound architectures of Zimoun incorporate commonplace industrial objects. The pieces transform constructed acoustic electrical noises into reverberating ambient hums that resemble natural systems. The artist focuses on creating acoustic architecture with an organic feel, investigating the properties of sound, materials, resonance and generative systems.  Zimoun ‘s work has won several prizes and awards and have been exhibited and shown as live performances in numerous countries in Europe as well as in China, Singapore, Egypt, Canada and the US.

  • Exhibition: October 06-29, 2011
  • Opening Reception: Thursday 06 October @ 7:30PM