PLATFORM is pleased to present the latest performance lecture by Glen Johnson, “How the Marketing People Ruined Everything”. PLATFORM’s Active Research Lecture Series is open to the public and free to all.

Monday, 25 January 2016, 7:00-8:00 PM
Cinematheque Theatre, 100 Arthur Street
Reception to follow in the gallery.

“How the Marketing People Ruined Everything”

The title of this lecture may seem a tad bold to some of you. “Really?” I hear you say “They ruined everything? I am still able to go for long walks with my dog in the park. That is not ruined and there must be some other things as well.” There aren’t. And, in fact, your walk with the dog has also been ruined. You just haven’t noticed yet.

Glen Johnson is a writer and performance artist from Winnipeg. His faux-lectures have been performed in galleries across Central and Eastern Canada (for some reason people living west of Manitoba hate his work. Go figure.). Past lectures have included: “World Domination: A How To”, “Western Civilisation: What Went Wrong” and “Caught in the Act: I Have No Business Being In This Show”.