With TURF WAR., Divya Mehra’s debut solo exhibition, the artist filters signs of power and wealth only to disembowel them and treat them like trophies all the while revealing the economic underpinnings of personal and cultural interaction. Who gets to benefit from which territory? Who gains access into which lands? How does this power transfer from one side to the next? And who is on whose side anyway? Mehra calls into question again and again the notion of the trophy, the sign of wealth, of elitism.
-J.J. Kegan McFadden

Installation shot, TURF WAR.The Pleasure in Hating

Divya Mehra is interested in power; particularly the way power is manifest in contemporary culture, but also the role history and capital play in its dissemination and interpretation. For the most part, we understand power in the way it is linked to wealth, luxury, property, and allegiances. How is power exerted though? Through various gestures that are crass and obnoxious as well as subtle and irritating: the flashy sheen of a sports car; the bestowed accessibility to backrooms and rolodexes; a small plot of sand that could shift with the political tide.

– J.J. Kegan McFadden


Exhibition opens September 10th. Reception at 7:00 pm.

Artist Talk: Saturday, October 2nd. 3:00 pm