Online Screening TO BE CONTINUED

PLATFORM centre and the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival (WUFF) are excited to present an online screening titled TO BE CONTINUED. Running from 01 – 31 July 2020, this screening explores ideas of the aftermath; something that results or follows from an event, especially one of a disastrous or unfortunate nature — a consequence. The works in this collection explore possibilities of renewal, waiting, longing, foreshadowing, as well as explorations of confusion and anticipation.

The Absorber – Ray Fenwick
special dark glass somewhere – Charlotte Clermont
House Pieces – Christine Lucy Latimer
Demi Monde – Caroline Monet
Warp – Jean Borbridge
Hot Plastic Suits – Dallas Cant
Gains + Losses – Leslie Supnet
Meltwater – Tracy Peters
Close Call – Chantel Mierau & Jennifer Still
The Light at the End of the Tunnel is Making it Hard to See the Tunnel – Jon Sasaki
grand-maman Piano – Guillaume Vallée
Road Movie – Zebulon Zang (audio by J. Waterfalls)
Breath on the Nile – Denton Fredrickson