Members' Screening SHORTS!

PLATFORM centre’s annual members’ screening is back! This year’s screening features work form Nicole Desautels, Lesley Nakonechny, Mandy Espezel, Connie Chappel, Sarah Fuller, Ella Steele and Gwendolyn Collins & Genevieve Collins.



Nobility of Winnipeg/Noblesse de Winnipeg – Nicole Desautels – 2020 – 02:57 min

Eutrophication – Lesley Nakonechny – 2019 –  watercolour & digital manipulation – 00:06 sec
“In 2019, I had the opportunity to spend time out in the Experimental Lakes Area, a natural laboratory of 58 lakes set aside for scientific research. I was one of five artists invited to Northwestern Ontario to engage with scientific research and find inspiration for my own practice. One day, I shadowed two scientists to add phosphorus to a couple lakes – a process called  Eutrophication. When a body of water becomes enriched with nutrients, it induces growth of algae. This is the source of inspiration behind my animation.”

hidin’ – Mandy Espezel – 2018 – 03:06 min
This video-performance was created while in residence with Studio PRÁM, Prague, Czech Republic. A sight-specific work on paper is utilized as performance tool. Part of a series exploring the anxieties of artistic production and the necessity of touch.

Fleeting Breath – Connie Chappel – 2020 – 1:09 min
A forlorn elm tree reaches upward, struggling for a fleeting breath. An invasive attack by the burgeoning elm bark beetle has spread a destructive fungal disease within the tree vessels. The life of a majestic tree is shortened.

Experiment in Landscape No.2 – Sarah Fuller – 2012 – 3:03 min

“Hallelujah, I Love Him So” – Ella Steele – 2020 – 02:42 min

Emerson – Alexis L Grise – 2020 – 16mm film – 02:56 min

Tête-à-tête – Gwendolyn Collins & Genevieve Collins – 04:55 min
During a brawl on the banks of the Red River, two dapper gents go tête-à-tête and lose more than just their temper. A sobering and level-headed portrait of what life is like when ties are severed.