Experimental Darkroom Workshop
29 OR 30 APRIL
(Participants can choose either the Saturday or Sunday workshop)
Only 8 spots available per day

$40 (members)
$65 (non-members, includes membership)
Fee is due at beginning of first class.

To reserve your spot, contact [email protected]. Please specify which day you would like to take the workshop.

Learn the basics of three camera-less printing methods: photograms, cyanotypes, and Van Dykes. Photograms are made by placing objects on light sensitive paper and exposing it to light. Cyanotypes and Van Dykes are similar in process, however we will be coating surfaces with chemistry before exposing to UV light. Cyanotype chemistry produces a cyan-blue image, and Van Dyke chemistry produces a deep brown colour. Participants will take home an 8×10 print of each process.

To create electrifying images, we encourage participants to bring translucent objects.

Glass ornaments, screens, crumbled saran wrap, lemon slices, lace, filters, casper, mesh, leaves, fishnet gloves, fish scales, frosted glass, sunglasses, wax paper, lampshades …or any objects with ornate edges or holes. Drawing on acetate yields nice results for all three printing methods as well. We will supply the printing surfaces.

If you want to print from a photo, you would need to bring an enlarged negative transparency on a surface such as acetate (if you want to create a positive image). Martha Street can help you with that! Printing from a 35mm negative/positive works well for photograms, but larger transparencies are ideal for cyanotypes and Van Dykes as these processes won’t capture as much detail.

Meganelizabeth Diamond and Kristiane Church

April 29th | 12 pm – 4 pm
April 30th | 12 pm – 4 pm

Meet in the Artspace lobby, workshop will take place in the darkrooms on the 4th floor. We will also be going outside to expose the cyanotypes and Van Dykes to sunlight. The workshop is free for members. E-mail outreach (at) or call 204-942-8183 to reserve a spot.


Artist Book Workshop
10 December

Highlighting the indefinability that defines artist books, Letch Kinloch will work with participants to explore ideas about what makes an artist book an artist book, and encourage the creation of new titles. The workshop is free for members. E-mail outreach (at) or call 204-942-8183 to reserve a spot.

Darkroom Essentials Workshop
26–27 November

Brought participants up to speed on the basics of black-and-white photographic darkroom printing over two days, covering: developing film, printing contact sheets and printing images.