GIF Making Workshop with Jeremy Pavka
27 May

This workshop taught the basics of GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) making. First exploring the history of the still life including the GIF, participants left with the know how of GIF creation. Using ideas of simple stop-motion animation, instructor Jeremy Pavka demonstrated how to use still life photographs to create animated representations.

Experimental Darkroom Workshop
29/30 APRIL

Participants learned the basics of three camera-less printing methods: photograms, cyanotypes, and Van Dykes.


Artist Book Workshop
10 December

Highlighting the indefinability that defines artist books, Letch Kinloch worked with participants to explore ideas about what makes an artist book an artist book, and encouraged the creation of new titles.

Darkroom Essentials Workshop
26–27 November

Brought participants up to speed on the basics of black-and-white photographic darkroom printing over two days, covering: developing film, printing contact sheets and printing images.