Desearch Repartment YAGA

PLATFORM centre for photographic + digital arts is pleased to announce the debut exhibition in our new Gallery 2. PLATFORM presents a single channel video work titled YAGA from the Desearch Repartment. The show runs from 06 January – 18 February 2017 with an opening reception on Friday 06 January at 7 PM. The artist talk is scheduled for 06 February at 7 PM and is in collaboration with the University of Winnipeg’s Women and Genders Studies Department. Both events are free and open to the public.

EXHIBITION | 06 January – 18 February 2017
OPENING RECEPTION | Friday 06 January | 7 PM
ARTIST TALK | Monday 06 February | 7 PM

“YAGA is a new ancient spiritual exercise tradition that affirms that the answers to all problems lie inside you. First you must discover your body-mind connection: the neck. YAGA creates flexibility, especially in the neck area, so we can say yes to everything. Through the various levels of YAGA, from Ground Zero to level 2001+, our Shock-Awes will awaken, we’ll free the inner artist, and we will discover Torture Compassion, a solution to the problem of world suffering through self-torture. With continued YAGA practice you’ll regain balance in your body, so you’ll maintain your position and tensions will be neutralized and integrated back into the system.

The Desearch Repartment’s motto, “think fast, die less,” reminds us that flexible thinking is the key to survival. Neo-Lived Realism, both a political party and an art movement, will lead the way to the ESSENTIALHAPPINESSPOSSIBILITY, offering a path to success and self-actualization. Our enhanced durational performance techniques have found a home in the Institute for Durational Futures, a place of lasting creativity and enduring performances of art and life.”

Desearch is a methodology that exercises neoliberal privilege through the removal of facts, context and responsibility. The Desearch Repartment embraces careerism, the status quo and economic/cultural hegemony, while highlighting modes of value recognition and revealing how to absorb, neutralize and commodify themes of social justice and political dissent. Our anti-disciplinary processes quantify the art world on its own terms using formulaic art making, constantly fluctuating terminology and signposts of success as our mediums.

With our innovative neoliberal strategies we show how maintaining the status quo or creating profit brings greater accessibility, and means questioning or even eliminating the restrictive value of workers and citizens.

Artistic professionals get the opportunity to earn content to further their success within the driving economy. Accessing diverse new audiences through paid popularity algorithms and self-selected democratic hierarchies, the workshop environment is conducive to networking and skill sharing. Connectedness today is a value system that results in big profits, and allows the quantity of relations and interactions to become a currency more relevant than empathy or intimacy.

Join the conversation, we are waiting to evaluate your voice and content.