Omar Elhamy Paria

EXHIBITION | 13 April – 19 May 2018
OPENING RECEPTION | Friday 13 April, 7:00 PM

PLATFORM centre is pleased to announce a Gallery 2 solo exhibition featuring the work of award winning filmmaker Omar Elhamy (MB). The 2015 film Paria (19:36 min) runs from 13 April – 19 May 2018 with an opening reception scheduled for Friday 13 April at 7 PM. Elhamy’s filmic style is unique, using texture and movement to convey psychological drama. His practice is currently rooted in character study. The film will start every 30 mins beginning at noon daily.

When a familiar man is found by the shore, his presence evokes a multitude of reactions. Lost on land, a woman takes him in for an evening with her family.

Omar Elhamy is a director and editor who is interested in experimental methodologies and collaborative practices. Elhamy was born in Alexandria, Egypt where he started working in film in all its varied departments. He now lives between, Winnipeg, Montreal, and Cairo where he continues to pursue his practice.