PLATFORM is excited to announce this year’s annual 8X10 Fundraiser, taking place the night of 14 December, 2019 from 7-12 AM, with the draw beginning at 8PM. Always a popular event, always a fun night, and all proceeds go towards supporting PLATFORM’s programming and outreach initiatives. Get your tickets soon as they sell out fast. Tickets are limited (100) and can be yours for $50. As always, there is NO admission fee to the event, only if you wish to participate in the draw.

How it works: Every ticket guarantees an artwork – generously donated by an impressive roster of over 50 artists. When your ticket is randomly drawn, your name is called out and you select a work of art from the wall.

Stop by the gallery to get a ticket today or purchase one below. PLATFORM accepts cash, cheques and all major credit cards.

2019 8×10 Tickets

The gallery will be open for preview from 12-13 December from 11-7 PM and 14 December from 11-4 PM. Doors for the event open Saturday night at 7 PM and the draw starts at 8 PM sharp. There will music and refreshments available before, during and after the draw.

Some of our participating artists include: Erin Josephson-Laidlaw, Tim Dyck, Meganelizabeth Diamond, Letch Kinloch, Dave Grywinski, Alexis Dirks, Jen Loewen, Ashley Gillanders, Larry Glawson, Dan McCafferty, Brian Hunter, Robert Lowe, Mandy Malazdrewich, Craig Love, Diana Thorneycroft, Mark Neufeld, David Peters, Michelle Panting, Jeremy Pavka, Denton Fredrickson, Mari White, Kegan McFadden, Rachel Thorleifson, Kristina Banera, Kristianne Church, Ian August, Ray Fenwick, Bill Eakin, Kristin Nelson, Sarah Crawley, Suzie Smith, Irene Bindi, Graham Wiebe, Alyssa Bohrn, Katrina Mendoza, Colby Richardson, PHOMOHOBES, Connie Chapel, Marie-France Hollier, Emma Myer, Tayler Buss, Kira Koop, Mandy Espezel, Sarah Fuller, Jean Borbridge, Connie Chappel, Elise Dawson, Shelly McCafferty, Theo Sims, Janelle Tougas, Chantel Mierau, Marco Muller and Hannah Reimer